Organizers’ Toolbox

Thank you for your interest in the Yale Day of Service! If you would like to help plan a Day of Service project, there are a number of resources available to help you.

First, be sure to reach out to Yalies in your network: regional club, shared interest/identity group, Yale College class, Graduate/Professional organization or another cohort to learn about similar activities that may already be underway.

Next, take a look at the documents below which will assist you in the planning process:

Sample Projects

Getting Your Site Listed on the YAA’s Event Calendar - in the Yale Day of Service Section

If you are a project coordinator interested in listing your program with the other Yale Day of Service events, please get in touch with your Yale Day of Service regional director, reach out to Yalies in your regional network, your shared interest groups, your classmates, or colleages and let them know you want to help. To submit information for a Yale Day of Service site, consult the instructions for submission and then register online today!

YDoS Expenses and Yale Gift Credit

If you are a lead organizer for a Yale Day of Service site or the overall effort of a club or group and incur out-of-pocket expenses directly related to the implementation of the Yale Day of Service, you may be eligible for tax credit. If you purchase food, water, site supplies or other goods for use as part of your Yale Day of Service activities, save the receipts and submit them to the YAA along with the completed request form.

Before you spend your own money, some grocery and box store chains will donate gift cards of small denominations to community service events. Ask to speak with the manager at your local store and make it a full-community affair!

Blue Being Green!

The Yale Office of Sustainability offers Green Event Certification for Yale related events wherever they may be. The aim of Green Event Certification is to encourage, recognize and celebrate the voluntary, sustainable efforts that event organizers have taken to reduce the environmental, social and financial costs of their event. Visit Yale’s Office of Sustainability online for more information if you are interested in getting your Yale Day of Service site Green Event Certified.