• YDOS 2020: The Yale School of Music community presented the Music for Healing series, offering musical solace to the patients and healthcare workers in the Yale New Haven Health system.

  • 2021 will continue as a YEAR of service, with activities extending throughout the year!

  • YDOS 2020: Yale Club of Hartford volunteers served as judges for the 2020 Invention Convention online. This national program encourages young inventors to learn critical thinking skills to build the future.

  • YDOS 2020: Love for the Elderly - seniors receive letters from people all over the world from this Yalie-founded organization.

  • 2020 marked the 12th year that Yale Day of Service existed.  See highlights from the 2020 Year of Service

  • YDOS 2020: On the original Yale Day of Service 2020, Yalies came together online to discuss digital service in a virtual era.


2021 will continue as a YEAR of Service


Check out these YAA Service events from the last year!



Tell us about your Yale Service experiences - who did you work with, what did you do, what was the most meaningful aspect of your participation? 
YAA Share Your Story Site

Document your Project!

Film yourself and/or your project participants answering the following questions:

  1. My name/group name is (include location if applicable):
  2. My 2021 service project is:
  3. Today we’re making a difference by:

If your project is virtual, consider recording a zoom meeting with participants each saying their names and from where they are tuning in.

Once you have the recording file, submit your video file. Contact YAA staff with any questions.