Virtual: TeleHealth Access for Seniors - ONGOING

Sponsoring Yale Group: 
Yale Club of New Haven
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To keep social distancing, devices will be collected from mailboes and can be mailed. 


The COVID-19 crisis is worsening and elderly populations are still in need of medical care. Many providers have switched to TeleHealth services to keep providing care. But, many elderly patients do not have camera-enabled devices or know how to use TeleHealth apps. We are providing the devices along with guides on how to use TeleHealth apps and Facetime, how to order grocery delivery, and how to order pharmacy delivery. These devices will also help them stay safe and stay connected to their families. A group of Yale-students has formed a 501(c)(3) non-profit to combat this issue that collects devices and funds for devices. We have now have 150 devices donated, 300 volunteers, 26 states and over $50,000 raised. You can learn more or signup to volunteer at

Site Coordinator: 

Aakshi Agarwal, Yale College ‘21