Virtual: College Sweatshirt Drive

Sponsoring Yale Group: 
Ongoing through May 11
Over 100 middle school students in a Title I school in Florida could use some encouragement - in the form of sweatshirts!
The teacher who inspired this Day of Service says:
“I work in a pretty ‘challenging’ Title I school with a much higher level of poverty than the state average. Many of my students have been wearing the same sweatshirt in class EVERY SINGLE DAY since school started and they are becoming a bit tattered. Additionally, many of my students do not come from families where going to college is expected or traditional. Clearly, I would like to see this change!
My 8th graders range in age from 13 thru 16 yrs. old and weigh from 70 to 150 lbs. I know it will cost money to mail or purchase these sweatshirts, but who knows what impact your thoughtfulness may have!”
Please consider sending your gently worn college sweatshirts - or sending a sweatshirt off our registry - to let them know that people are cheering them on and supporting them.
The list of requested sweatshirts is below. All sweatshirts will be handed out to students even if we exceed our goal of 123 sweatshirts.
Please ship the sweatshirts so they arrive by May 11th. We’re hoping to hand them out the following day, May 12th. The students graduate middle school on May 24th, so we would like to ensure the students have their sweatshirts before graduation.
Here’s the link to the Amazon registry:
“We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It’s easy to say, ‘It’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.’ Then there are those who see the need and respond.  I consider those people my heroes.” 
Fred Rogers
Yale: S (3), M (6), L (6), XL (3)
Atlantic State University: M (1)
Arizona State: M (1)
Clemson: M (1)
Cornell: M (2), L (1)
Duke: M (1)
Emory University: M (1)
Florida A&M: L (1)
Florida Gulf Coast University: S (1), M (6), L (2)
FSU: M (7), L (4)
Harvard: M (4), L (3), XL (1)
Lindenwood College: M (1)
Morehouse: L (1)
NYU: M (1)
Ohio State: M (1), L (4)
Penn State: M (1)
Polytech University: M (1)
Princeton: M (1)
San Diego State: L (1)
St. Petersburg College: S (1), M (5), L (2)
Stanford: M (2), L (1)
Stetson University of Law: M (2)
UCLA: L (1)
University of Central Florida: M (1), L (2)
University of Chicago: M (1)
University of Connecticut: L (1)
University of Florida: S (1), M (8), L (7), XL (1)
University of Georgia: M (1)
University of Massachusetts: L (1)
University of Miami: M (2), L (1)
University of Michigan: M (1)
University of Mississippi: M (1)
University of Oregon: L (3)
University of Pennsylvania: M (1), XL (1)
University of Southern Florida: S (1), M (6), L (2)
University of Tampa: M (2)
West Point: M (1)
Site Coordinator: 
Kathleen Wallace ‘95
(917) 699-0775