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Some motivated 13 to 16 year-old students at a Title I school in Florida are looking for some encouragement for their college dreams in the form of sweatshirts.

The students have written essays about where they would like to go to college and why. To help them visualize making this a reality, we’d like to get them sweatshirts from their dream colleges. Any college sweatshirt you could send (including gently used) would be greatly appreciated! Their school year ends in May, so please send the shirts as soon as possible.

College Sweatshirt Requests: Use the Amazon Wishlist Registry
Alabama State 1(L)
Cornell 1(S)
Culinary Institute of America (1)
Duke 1(M)
Florida A&M 2(M)
Florida Beauty Academy 1(M)
FSU 3(S) 2(M)
Full Sail University 1(M)
Georgia State 1(M)
Georgia Tech 2(M)
Harvard 1(S) 3(M) 1(L)
Howard University 1(S) 1(M)
Iowa State 1(M)
Michigan State 1(M)
MIT 1(L)
Ohio State 1(L)
Oklahoma State 1(M)
Oregon State 1(S) 1(M)
Stanford 2(S) 2(M)
Tuskegee University 1(M)
University of Alabama 1(S) 1(L)
UCF 2(S) 1(M)
University of Florida 9(S) 15(M) 1(L)
University of Miami 2(M)
University of Pennsylvania 1(M)
University of Pittsburgh 1(M)
University of Queensland 1(M)
University of San Diego 1(M)
University of South Florida 2(S) 5(M) 1(L)
University of Tennessee 1(S)
University of Texas 1(M)
Yale 2(S) 4(M) 3(L)

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