Roanoke: Pathfinders at Greenways

Sponsoring Yale Group: 
Yale Club of SW Virginia
Saturday, May 11, 2019, Shifts at 9am (preferred) and 1pm
Carvin's Cove Trailhead See map Roanoke, VA 24015

Pathfinders for Greenways was incorporated in 1997 to be a non-profit organization to involve citizens in greenways. Pathfinders provides a forum for involvement of volunteers, coordination of work days, greenway promotional events, and fund raising.

Yale Day of Service volunteers will have several tasks to choose from, like naturalizing around the finished trail, finding rocks and moving them to where we need them, smashing rocks for those that are looking for great workout, and raking dirt to sift out the organic material.

Please wear hard toe shoes and bring gloves and safety glasses if you have them. It would help if you can bring some water and snacks even though we will have some, we may not have enough for everyone.

Site Coordinator: 

Josh Chapman, ‘96