Holon/Jerusalem: The Architect is IN - COMPLETED

Sponsoring Yale Group: 
Yale School of Architecture
May 16-17

The Architect Is IN is a project held in conjunction with the annual Yale Day of Service, created with the desire to connect the Yale Alumni and wider architectural community, for the benefit of a day of donated professional architecture, planning, and design services. This volunteer workshop, first held in 2014 and occurring at various locations around the globe, was created to serve non-profit organizations. This is a unique opportunity to experience social responsibility and sustainability, by making valuable knowledge and professional expertise available to organizations that need it.

The service workshop aims to be rewarding to all participants – both professionals, students and recipient organizations, educating all participants in a more meaningful and long-term way about what the architectural profession can provide. This year, the workshop is hosted by the ECOWEEK Online challenge on Circular Economy in Design, an initiative of Yale alum architect Elias Messinas ’92.

Join The Architect is IN Workshop on May 16-17 and benefit from:

- The lecture series the ECOWEEK event offers for free!

- The global registration response to meet and work with peers from around the world!

- Be an active participant in Circular Economy in Design!

How to join:

- Yale architecture alum looking to volunteer, please contact ecoweek@ecoweek.online

- Non-profit organizations looking for help, please contact ecoweek@ecoweek.online

- For student registration to the workshop or to view the ECOWEEK Online program here: http://ecoweek.online/

Site Coordinator: 

Elias Messinas ’92 MArch