Eastford: Yale Myers Forest Orchard

Sponsoring Yale Group: 
Yale Club of Eastern Connecticut
Yale Blue Green
Saturday, May 12, 2018
10:00am to 2:00pm
Yale Myers Forest Camp See map
150 Centre Pike
Eastford, CT 06242
The Yale Myers Forest Orchard consists of an approximately ½-acre plot with 160 living specimens across over 20 fruit and nut crops.  Favored species like apples, peaches, and pears grow here, as well as lesser-known produce like paw paw, elderberry, and serviceberry!  The orchard is located next to the newly restored Yale Myers Forest camp in Connecticut’s Quiet Corner.
Come join us for a Day of Service workday in the orchard!  Possible tasks include application of compost, fertilizer, and mulch, planting additional specimens, application of immune-enhancing sprays, trellis construction for our grapes and cane berries, branch training, pruning, scything, and more.  The complete task list will be confirmed the week of May 12- all will be focused on promoting orchard health in a “holistic,” beyond-organic manner!  A light lunch will be provided. All are welcome!
The Yale Myers Forest Orchard is generously sponsored by the F&ES Class of 1980.
Site Coordinator: 
Dylan Cicero  ‘19 MEM
Jaclyn Kachelmeyer ‘19 MEM