Chicago: ASAP! Adopt Saplings Project

Sponsoring Yale Group: 
Yale Club of Chicago, YaleWomen, Yale Blue Green
Saturday, May 9, 2020
11:00am to 1:00pm
Gwendolyn Brooks Park/Little Black Pearl See map
1060 East 47th Street
Chicago, IL 60302

If cycling or driving along Lakeshore Drive, exit at 47th Street and drive west to Greenwood. Little Black Pearl is on the corner.  Street parking is available on Greenwood and around Gwendolyn Brooks Park, 46th and Greenwood in Kenwood.  Please bring gloves, cap, and a water bottle. A container of water will be available for refills. Any dietary restrictions? Let Margot know. Locally sourced organic food will be offered.  Please plan on writing a poem to be buried with the compost or published on the Gwendolyn Brook monument publishing wall.

Saturday, May 9th 11:00 Meet at Little Black Pearl art high school, 1060 E 47th Street for an introduction and coffee. Lincoln Park high school students will join us.  Volunteers will walk over to Gwendolyn Brooks Park, 46th and Greenwood, to learn to tend a dozen saplings. With a bold, creative action for the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, Adopt Saplings Project (ASAP!) teaches volunteers needed sapling care by composting, mulching and watering young trees.  Volunteers will cultivate with hand tools, compost, mulch, and water to tend saplings. DJ Rob Debonnet will play Chance the Rapper music for inspiration. Each volunteer is invited to write a poem to be buried in compost and/or published in 2020 Adopt Saplings Project Poetry Anthology.
Ravensvoyage Production will produce a video of Adopt Saplings Project for the 50thAnniversary of Earth Day. Filming of  May 9th will be made into the video to show how to care for trees.
Site Coordinator: 

Margot McMahon ‘84 MFA