Boston: Environmental Voter Project Earth Day of Action - April 19

Sponsoring Yale Group: 
Yale Blue Green
Thursday, April 19, 2018
12:00pm to 5:00pm
55 Court Street, Suite 520
Boston, MA 02203
Celebrate Earth Day this year by volunteering with EVP! On April 19th, we will be phone banking, text banking, and canvassing from our Boston office to turn out environmental voters for the upcoming midterm elections. There will be two shifts, the first starting at 12 pm and the second at 2:30 pm. 
In addition to registering using the link above, please signup here to indicate which shift you would like to attend:…
Please sign up for one, or both shifts and make this Earth Day count!
What is EVP? The Environmental Voter Project is a new, powerful concept that (1) uses big-data analytics to identify inactive environmentalists and then (2) applies cutting-edge behavioral science to turn them into more consistent voters. Right now, less than 50% of environmentalists vote, which means that politicians do not need to prioritize the environment. Using a new generation of Get-Out-The-Vote techniques, we are dramatically increasing voter turnout while precisely measuring our impact. EVP is a non-partisan, nonprofit organization that aims to fundamentally change the electorate to so that policy makers respond accordingly. Our steady, movement-building approach is using proven techniques to bring environmental voter turnout to a tipping point of overwhelming demand for progressive environmental policies.
Site Coordinator: 
Nathaniel Stinnett ‘98
Julia Travers Rickert ‘97