Frequently Asked Questions

The Yale Day of Service is a celebration of ongoing service by alumni and local Yale clubs as well as a catalyst for new service commitments. The 11th global Yale Day of Service is May 9, 2020, with the goal that Yale alumni around the world will come together to serve their local communities. Sites held on other days in the spring can be part of the Yale Day of Service program as well. 

Yale alumni have an unparalleled tradition of service. From Dwight Hall’s student-led community based programs to the highest levels of government service, Yale alumni have risen to the challenge to ‘change the world’, and indeed many are doing just that as volunteers for Yale, or in their professional lives in the nonprofit sector, or by serving on boards of foundations, or as elected officials, or by giving of their intellect and creative energy to volunteer community projects. The Yale Day of Service celebrates the many ways alumni give back and provides a way for members of the Yale community to come together to support local service organizations where they live.

We recognize that many alumni are actively involved in service in their local communities. The Yale Day of Service is a means for alumni and friends to come together in service, to connect with each other and their communities through service. And of course the Yale Day of Service provides the singular opportunity to participate in an historic day for Yale as we collectively embody Yale’s great tradition of service to others.

Please contact the Day of Service Club Coordinator listed for each site on the site description page. View Service Site listing.

If you do not see a Yale Day of Service site near you, please contact your local Yale Club President or the Yale Day of Service Regional Director for your area to get more information on possible Yale Day of Service activities near you.  And keep checking back to this website; new sites are being posted as they arrive! Or, if you prefer, you can participate independently in the Yale Day of Service. View more information.

If you would like to suggest a local service organization for the Yale Day of Service or organize a service activity at a local non-profit, there are several people you can contact.

If there are already other sites in your club area, contact the Club Coordinator for the Yale Day of Service who is listed on the site description for your other local sites. He or she will be able to advise you on next steps.

If you do not have other sites in your area, contact your local Yale club president; you can also contact the Regional Director for your area. Finally, if there is not an opportunity to create a club-sponsored site for the Yale Day of Service, you might consider planning an independent service project for May 11th.

Everyone is welcome to be a part of the Yale Day of Service! Many sites specifically note if they are family friendly and the registration form provides a space to indicate the names and ages of children you are registering. The Day of Service is a wonderful activity for families to share together. And we are happy to have members of the extended Yale community join with us as well, so bring your friends and register them as guests, too.

Please contact Mara Balk at the YAA by phone at 203-436-8820 to add guests beyond those included in the registration form.

Please contact Mara Balk at the YAA or by phone at 203-436-8820 to cancel your registration or make any changes.

We hope you might consider registering for another Day of Service site in your area, but if you feel a strong connection to a particular site which is full, please contact the Event Coordinator listed in the site description. Sites may have wait lists in case of cancelations, or in some cases, there may be the opportunity to expand the scope of the project if there is enough interest.

Your Site Coordinator should provide you with information related to weather challenges for the Day of Service activities as well as a number to call on the project date should you have questions about the weather or other items on that day.

The contact page lists a number of people you can contact with questions about the Yale Day of Service.