Waban: Plants, Pots, and Paints

Sponsoring Club: 
Saturday, May 13, 2017
10:00am to 1:00pm
90 Fairlee Road
Waban, MA 02468

90 Fairlee Road is a yellow house on the corner of Fairlee and Woodward. Ample parking is available on Fairlee Rd. The nursing home is a short and easy drive away. 


Join us as our garage becomes an outdoor art studio! We will have long tables set up with paints, brushes, and small clay pots (and of course some milk, doughnut holes, and coffee for sustenance!). Each participant will have the chance to paint a clay pot, fill it with dirt and flowers, give it some water, bring the arrangement to a nearby nursing home, and present it to one of the residents. In years past, these personal deliveries have brought many smiles from residents and nursing staff, alike. Children four and older are welcome to paint a pot…and parents are, too!

Site Coordinator: 
Davida Pines ‘89
Louis Brenner ‘92
Kate Hoffman ‘99 MPH
Eric Hoffman ‘99 Ph.D