North Branford: North Branford Land Conservation Trust Trail Project

Sponsoring Club: 
Yale Club of New Haven
Saturday, May 13, 2017
9:00am to 12:00pm
Playscape at Totoket Valley Elementary School See map
1388 Middletown Ave
Northford, CT 06472
Join the North Branford Land Conservation Trust for a day of re-clearing and remarking the trails behind the Stanley T. Williams Community Center and Totoket Valley Elementary School.
The trails were created in the early 1970s and although still passable for the most part, do require clearing of leaves, brush, and some downed limbs, along with remarking of the trails, as it is difficult to follow the trail blazes as a result of fading paint.
As part of the creation of the original trails, some 16 points of interest were mapped on the trails.  Part of the effort will be to remark the points of interest.
Here is what we will do:
1 - backpack blowers and rakes to clear trails
2 - loppers and chain saws for limbs and branches
3 – paint for remarking trails, loops, and crossovers
4 – installing numbered posts to mark points of interest   
About 1.5-miles of trails will be improved as part of the effort.
Site Coordinator: 
Susan DeSilver ‘79
(203) 605-2284 mobile