Newton: Birthday Wishes

Sponsoring Club: 
Saturday, May 13, 2017
9:30am to 11:00am
Birthday Wishes Newton Office See map
11 Homer St.
Newton Centre, MA 02459

Use the side entrance of Trinity Episcopal Church.


Birthday Wishes’ mission is to provide birthday parties to children experiencing homelessness. Birthday Wishes believes that all children, regardless of their living situation, should celebrate their birthdays joyfully, surrounded by family, friends, and others who care.

In this Day of Service project, we will create “Birthdays in a Box” by wrapping large boxes and filling them up with items needed to celebrate a child’s birthday in a homeless shelter.

This project involves some upfront shopping on your part.  We are asking every family to bring the following supplies for each person who volunteers to build a Birthday-in-a Box.  If you are ambitious, bring enough supplies for two or three boxes!

Here are items needed for each Birthday-in-a-Box:  Please follow a theme with your party supply purchases.  These supplies can be any theme you like, from “generic” happy birthday, Sesame Street, sports, tween/teen, etc., as long as each box has a consistent theme.  Stores like Target or Dollar Tree are good sources for supplies:

Packing supplies to use during Day of Service

·        1 or 2 rolls of wrapping paper (consistent with theme or color you choose).  Enough paper to cover an 11 x 18 x 9 inch box and its lid (the size that holds 10 reams of copy paper).
·        “Scotch” tape/transparent tape & scissors (for your use on May 13.  You can bring tape and scissors back home with you)

Baking Supplies:

·        Box of Cake Mix (chocolate, vanilla, marble, or Funfetti)
·        Jar or can of Frosting (chocolate, vanilla, marble, or Funfetti)
·        Disposable Cake Pan (size: 8 x 8 or 13 x 9)
·        If you can, please add a pack of juice boxes (at least 8 boxes per pack), but not required. 

Party Supplies: 

·        Box of candles (18 to 24 count)
·        Pack of disposable forks (12 count or more)
·        Pack of paper plates (12 count or more)
·        Pack of paper napkins (24 count or more)
·        Disposable Tablecloth

Decorations: Please make sure they match your theme or are solid colors

·        Pack of party hats (8 count or more) for children ages 10 & under or a funny hat for a tween/teen birthday child.
·        Pack of balloons (12 to 24 count)
·        Pack of blowers (8 to 12 count)
·        Roll of crepe paper streamers
·        Small birthday banner
·        If you want, please add some fun “fillers” like stickers, yo-yo’s, nail polish, deck of cards, glow sticks, etc.

For more information about guidelines of what goes into a Birthday-in-a-Box:

Keep track of what you spend and bring that total amount figure with you when you volunteer on May 13th.  Birthday Wishes will have a donation form for you to complete to document your purchases as a tax deduction.

This is a family-friendly event, but it is best for children ten years old and up.  Children who are between the ages of five and ten have enjoyed it with close parental supervision.

Site Coordinator: 
Rob Greenly ‘83 MBA