Manhattan: Governors Island Tree Project

Sponsoring Club: 
Yale Alumni Association of New York
Saturday, May 13, 2017
10:00am to 2:30pm
Governors Island Ferry See map
10 South Street, Slip 7
New York, NY 10004
Take the 10am ferry to Governors Island from Battery Maritime Building at 10 South St, NYC (an ornate Beaux Arts ferry terminal directly to the East of the Staten Island Ferry Terminal). Our coordinator will meet you inside and facilitate boarding.  
Public transportation directions: Bus: M5, M15, M15-SBS, M20. Subway: 1 to South Ferry, 4/5 to Bowling Green, R to Whitehall.
Parking details: There is a parking deck on the corner of Whitehall and South Streets. Market rates apply.
Take in the views and help Governors Island take care of its saplings in our award-winning new park!
Designed to anticipate climate changes and sea level rise, the new park serves as a model for sustainable and resilient engineering for waterfront parks on vulnerable coastlines. Its plantings will reach peak maturity in the year 2100. The area where this project will take place – the Play Oval and lawns around Ball Fields – offers breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty and the harbor. It is also a crucial element of the park’s climate resiliency design and serves as a reservoir for storm waters. The new park features more than 40 species of tree saplings. The maintenance of these trees in their first 5 tender years of life is crucial to their health and the success of the park as an ecosystem. 
This volunteer project will focus on creating tree rings - cutting and removing turf around the trees and adding mulch to help soil retain moisture and nutrients. Volunteers will work with grubbing tools, soil knives, and hand spades. The project offers a range of subtasks so volunteers can choose according to their interests and physical intensity preferences.
Closed-toed shoes and long pants are required; hats, long-sleeve shirts, and sunscreen are recommended. Please bring a refillable water bottle.
Volunteers will need to sign a copy of the Friends of Governors Island liability release to participate in this project.
Rain Policy Information: The project will be rescheduled in case of thunderstorm or 80% chance of rain.
Site Coordinator: 
Leisle Lin ’85

Betty Chen ’92 M.Arch