Manhattan: Choosing our Future - Climate Action & Awareness - May 6

Sponsoring Club: 
Yale Club of New York City
Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 3:00pm
Meet at Barclay and Church Streets
New York, NY 10128

The walk will conclude in the nearby Calatrava transit hub at 4:30. 


We’re developing a series of workshops for Yale alumni interested in learning more about, and taking action on, climate change. 

This meeting follows our YDOS event last year, which was a walk around the Lower Manhattan streets that will be vulnerable to sea level rise in future decades.

Our reference for this event will be the report Deadline 2020, which shows how rapidly we must lower our individual and collective emissions in order to meet the targets that preserve New York City. (

This year we are proud to have Catherine McVay Hughes, noted civic leader from downtown Manhattan, former board chair of CB1 and task force leader on Manhattan coastal resiliency, join us in our new walk. 

During the walk you’ll hear about the extent of lower Manhattan flooding during Hurricane Sandy and steps the city is now taking to hold back the water from future storms.

A speaker from Citizen’s Climate Lobby (CCL) will be on hand to describe CCL’s bipartisan advocacy for a price on carbon, with leadership from George Shultz and James Hansen, and offer ways to get involved.

Other alumni working in the field will join in the discussion, and we will leave time for extensive Q and A.

More about the walk, held concurrently as an MAS/Jane’s Walk, can be seen here:

Site Coordinator: 
Richard Reiss ‘81